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Impact Social Housing
(Covered bond)

Revenues guaranteed by the French State

  • Professional Bond issued in Luxembourg (quoted and listed)
  • ISIN number
  • Coupon of 6% (revenues guaranteed by the French State)
  • Maturity 25 years
  • Luxembourg’s Law fully protect investors against capital break
  • The number of buildings currently assessed limits the maximum of initial investment to € 40m
Please note that this investment is also inflation protected by the French law on rental social housing

Burgundy Exchangeable Bond

Wine Securitisation

Asset backed investment

  • Professional Exchangeable Bond issued in Luxembourg (quoted and listed)
  • ISIN number
  • Inflation hedged
  • Tenor 5 years
  • Zero coupon bond
  • Face value € 20m at par (€ 21,6m at issue price)
  • Issue price above par value, target at 108
  • Internal rate return (gross) of 22,5%
Profit distribution is assumed at a level of 80% for the Investors and 20% Carry for the Asset Manager.

Gold Secured Promissory Note (Lux)

Asset-backed Security (Lux assets & Gold)

  • Very Short-Term Note
  • Secured Promissory Note (Luxembourg)
  • Issuing date 2022
  • Maturity 2023
  • Issuing value USD 1.2 million
  • 10% annual return

Ratchet 2023-2026

  • Floating 5% of the profit from the underlying transaction (minus Operating Cost)
  • Expected revenue for the company between USD 32 million and USD 45 million.
As a monetary asset, this investment could be a safe haven in that it’s protected against inflation over a long run, but it doesn’t protect you every year!

(Currently operational)

Secured Communications Worldwide

The Gold Standard In End-To-End Encrypted Communications

  • High Potential Investments
  • Capital opened for 30% of the equity
  • Protect and secure communication
  • Propriety Proteus DNA III Encryption technology
  • European based Company

Current Services

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice
  • Real Time Video Chat
  • Files Transfer
Please note that it is a high-risk investment, therefore the chances of underperformance, or of some or all of the investment being lost are higher than average.


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